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From Doubleday:


Twelve straight playoff appearances. Six American
League pennants. Four World Series titles. This is the
definitive story of a dynasty: the Yankee years

Here, for the first time, Joe Torre and Tom Verducci take
us inside the dugout, the clubhouse, and the front office
in a revelatory narrative that shows what it really took to
keep the Yankees on top of the baseball world.  Through
it all, Torre kept his calm, kept his players’ respect, and
kept winning.

Here is a sweeping narrative of Major League Baseball in
the Yankee era, a book both grand in its scope and
fascinating in its details.
From Henry Holt:

Thirty years ago, college basketball was not the sport we know
today. Few games were televised nationally and the NCAA
tournament had just expanded from thirty-two to forty teams.
Into this world came two exceptional players: Earvin "Magic"
Johnson and Larry Bird. Though they played each other only
once, in the 1979 NCAA finals, that meeting launched an epic
rivalry, transformed the NCAA tournament into the
multibillion-dollar event it is today, and laid the groundwork
for the resurgence of the NBA.
From Harper Collins:

For many of us, golf could be defined as long periods of
aggravation, punctuated by brief but dazzling moments of
clarity and reward.  Here, for the first time ever, is a book
about some of the worst times in the careers of some of the
most successful people to ever play the game--and how they
dug themselves out. Breaking the Slump tells the story of golf
greats Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Greg Norman, Johnny
Miller, Tom Watson, Paul Azinger, Hal Sutton, Peter Jacobson,
Mark Calcavecchia and Dottie Pepper among others, and
celebrities such as Dan Jansen.  Every golfer should keep this
book in his or her locker. It's an emotional and spiritual first
aid kit for anyone who plays the game .
From Scribner:

As They See 'Em is an insider's look at the largely unknown
world of professional umpires, the small group of men (and the
very occasional woman) who make sure America's favorite
pastime is conducted in a manner that is clean, crisp, and true.
Bruce Weber, a New York Times reporter, not only interviewed
dozens of professional umpires but entered their world, trained
to become an umpire, and then spent a season working games
from Little League to big league spring training.

Packed with fascinating reportage that reveals the game as never
before and answers the kinds of questions that fans, exasperated
by the clichés of conventional sports commentary, pose to
themselves around the television set, Bruce Weber's
As They See
is a towering grand slam.
From Bright Sky Press:

Baseball and the Baby Boomer is in large part a baseball history
book, but it is also a commentary on baseball’s “political” issues —
Pete Rose’s gambling, steroids, etc. — as well as a fan’s memoir of
the National Pastime over the last half century.

Almost every chapter in Baseball and the Baby Boomer has been the
subject of several 300-page books written by other authors. This new
volume tells all the favorite postwar era stories of the game in a
streamlined fashion — with sufficient depth to interest a serious
baseball aficionado, but without so much minutiae that someone
reading baseball history for the first time would get overwhelmed.
From Triumph Books:

Here at last is the first book to fully explain how and why the game
of football became America's most powerful and financially
successful entertainment phenomenon--and how this country's
pioneers of sports, games, industry, and politics helped transform a
sleepy game inherited from Europe into one that would explain
what America wanted to become and who we are as a people.
How Football Explains America, Sal Paolantonio, ESPN football
reporter and a former national political reporter, takes you all the
way back to 1876, when the United States was celebrating its 100th
birthday, and explains how and why the stodgy and low-scoring
games of soccer and rugby were rejected for a game that reflected
America's lust to control an entire continent.
From Harper Collins:

Rick Pitino is a basketball icon: the only coach in college history
to lead three different schools to the Final Four, the winner of
the 1996 NCAA championship, the owner of a sparkling career
record, a bestselling author, and a lock for the College
Basketball Hall of Fame. Yet Pitino's journey has not been
without life-altering adversity: He's experienced profound
personal and professional losses. The failures and tragedies he
recounts make this book unique. More than just a recitation of
what works and why, it's about how to succeed after you've
failed; how to pick yourself up after being knocked down; and
how to reframe yourself and see the world in a new light. This
is a comeback story, a manual for overcoming life's difficulties
From Public Affairs:

Benny Friedman, the son of working class immigrants in
Cleveland's Jewish ghetto, arrived at the University of
Michigan and transformed the game of football forever. At the
time, in the 1920s, football was a dull, grinding running game,
and the forward pass was a desperation measure. Benny would
change all of that.

Passing Game rediscovers this little-known sports hero and
tells the story of Friedman's evolution from upstart to
American celebrity, in a vivid narrative that will delight and
enlighten football fans of all ages.
From Skyhorse Publishing:

When Eli Manning found teammate Plaxico Burress in the end zone
with just 35 seconds remaining in Super Bowl XLII, he completed
what was perhaps the greatest game-winning drive and unlikely
upset in Super Bowl history.Complete with exclusive interviews with
NFL stars, coaches, and executives and a foreword by former Giants
general manager Ernie Accorsi, Vacchiano uses his unfettered access
to the world champion Giants to present a true, behind-the scenes
look at the quarterback and team that defied all of the experts and
oddsmakers to pull off one of the most phenomenal upsets in pro
football history.
From Algonquin Books:

Hodding Carter dreamed of being an Olympian as a kid. He
worshipped Mark Spitz, swam his heart out, and just missed
qualifying for the Olympic trials in swimming as a college senior.
Although he didn't qualify for the 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992,
1996, 2000, or 2004 Olympics, he never stopped believing he could
make it. And despite past failures and the passage of time, Carter
began his quest once more at the age of forty-two.

This outrageous, courageous chronicle is much more than Carter's
race with time to make it to the Olympics. It's the exhilarating
story of a man who rebels against middle age the only way he
can—by chasing a dream.
From Harper Collins:

Are you one of the millions of people out there who feel
like they've read everything there is to read on fitness
and have spent an enormous amount of time and money
trying to get fit—and still failed? Until you know how
your body really works and reacts to physical activity,
you may never succeed. Eric Heiden, M.D., and Massimo
Testa, M.D., two preeminent sports physicians who know
the training needs of beginners as intimately as those of
elite athletes, want to fix this problem. They know there
has been an entire field of training science and medicine
that has never been translated for the general public—
until now.