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Four New Titles from Henry Holt & Company:
From Borealis Books:

Dreamt of since Easter, Anderson’s Memorial Day arrival
at his “summer Shangri-la” was always tinged with regret
at the inevitable Labor Day departure. This collection of
anecdotes—pieced together from the notes and letters
Anderson scripted as a boy and set quietly against the
backdrop of the depression and war of the 30’s and 40’s—
paints a vivid portrait of a way of life known to many who
had the good fortune to be born near lake country and to
have a place to spend those summer months that somehow
seemed like real home.  It does justice to the unpredictable
journey towards maturity. It is a book you’ll return to and
one that begs to be shared with friends and family looking
to revisit a time when life, while not necessarily easier,
seemed a whole lot less complicated.
From Open City Books:

Zumas seamlessly blends the fantastic and the mundane,
sweeping the reader into world both surreal and ordinary. As

Farewll Navigator
proves, Zumas is a new voice in American
fiction that deserves attention. She perfectly describes in
engaging prose and easy dialogue both the cynicism and
seemingly contradictory and heavily guarded optimism that
characterize this age. After traveling through America’s shadows
and discovering not only desolation but also unexpected hope,
readers will finish FAREWELL NAVIGATOR with that sense of
pleasant disequilibrium that follows any great journey.
Literary Fiction and Non-fiction Titles
From Borealis Books:

At times, startlingly intimate, Riding Shotgun paints portraits
of hard-working women who struggle against the restrictions
placed on them by their small towns, their churches, and their
communities. It tells the stories of women who struggle to
live up to the responsibility of motherhood and of women
who reject this role as a burden, leaving their daughters to
make meaning out of their disavowal.

As readers journey through these twenty-one stories they are
sure to both recognize and learn about themselves.  This
Mother’s Day, anyone willing to take the risk to look behind
the cliché of motherhood will be richly rewarded with the
accumulated wisdom of this acclaimed group of authors,
scholars, teachers, daughters, and mothers.  
From Coffee House Press:

When a late-night Minneapolis radio host suggests the
Vietnam War was a hoax, she finds herself in a perfect storm
of publicity and paranoia. Buoyed by third-party hopefuls,
aggrieved veterans, and shady political powerbrokers, her
outrageous speculations gain legitimacy and virtually
overnight Annette is speaking to crowded halls, dining with
the governor, dating the heir to a milling fortune, and meeting
with TV producers. But has she really unmasked the greatest
conspiracy in American history or is she being played for a
fool by the powers-that-be?
Young Adult and Children's Titles
From award-winning author Hope Anita Smith:

With a click, a bang, a whisper—or no noise at all. There
are so many ways that a door can close, but it’s not just the
closing; it’s the knowing. And thirteen-year-old CJ knows
too much—about losing his father, about his family’s pain,
and especially about what it means to hold things together
when times are the toughest.

In this beautifully written and powerfully moving novel in
poems, Hope Anita Smith tells the story of a young man’s
struggle to accept a father who has walked out on his
family. Here, in CJ’s words, is a portrait of hurt and
healing, and finding the strength to open the door again.
Ever wonder in the morning how that sand got
into the corner of your eye? Now you know.
Following secret passageways only a mouse could
find, the Sandman has paid you a visit. And as long
as he keeps braving the journey to the dragon’s
lair, we can all sleep peacefully.

Author Ralph Fletcher’s engaging text blends
seamlessly with illustrator Richard Cowdrey’s
fanciful drawings to bring the touching fable of
The Sandman to vivid life with a gracefulness that
makes it read like a classic. Joyful illustrations and
an enchanting story ensure that
The Sandman will
quickly become a bedtime favorite.
Born in a small North Carolina town to a mother who
dreamed of being an opera singer but settled for playing
piano in the church choir and a father who escaped from
his life as a tailor into violin, ukulele, and county singing,
Coltrane’s early life was full of music.

But just listening to songs that had been played before
didn’t make John the musical innovator he’s known as
today. Coltrane sounded new because he heard the world
as something new and now,
Before John Was A Jazz Giant
let’s us hear it that way, too.  In prose as smooth as a
Coltrane riff, Carole Boston Weatherford brings Coltrane’s
early world to vivid life as she shows us how to hear the
music of everyday life—the sound of supper being cooked
or a sermon on Sunday morning—as Coltrane would have
heard it.

From America's leading collage artist comes this
wonderful retrospective chronicling the
development and refinement of Albert's signature
style. A fervent believer in recycling, Albert uses
everyday materials to create the extraordinary.

Written in an accessible and engaging voice,
Artist's America
will captivate young readers. And
since Albert includes a handy how-to guide for
recycling his style, it might even inspire the next
generation of great American artists.
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